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We had a guy that did research on bats at that time. World record for maximum number of chromosomes? Now, to get back to John, Jill, and the baby with issues. And what they decide upon is that they will do a joint publication. It doesn't tell you about how fast the mammals run, why they are warm-blooded, ta-da da-da da-da. The eukaryotes, the things that have a real nucleus--which includes us and all other multi-cellular organisms, plus a whole bunch of single-celled ones--they have cells that have a nucleus and the DNA in the nucleus is contained in chromosomes, and these chromosomes are a long structure that has kind of a central scaffold, it's got a central mirror.

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And so the DNA in your genome is a set of instructions on how to make what kinds of proteins at certain places and times to control the construction of the organism and determine the uniqueness of the species.

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Principles of evolution, ecology and behavior lecture 1 - 11 transcript

They vary from very fast to very slow. It means selection for the mean value, and it's selection against the extremes. You can have chromosomal mutations where you delete entire genes. Among the mechanisms that can explain such patterns of niche partitioning, parasitoid-driven apparent competition may play an important role in this community. One is a direct benefit. When the cells divide, the DNA replicates and each daughter cell gets a complete copy.

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