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No significant effects were seen with ginkgollde A, B and C, while bilobalide induced a dose-dependent decrease in NO production. One showed an undiscovered lateral dislocation of the atlas, and one an unfused atlas-ring. Since the major pool of low-mass redox-active intracellular iron seems to reside within lysosomes, arising from the continuous intralysosomal autophagocytotic degradation of ferruginous materials, formation of H2O2 inside and outside these organelles may cause lysosomal labilization with release to the cytosol of lytic enzymes and low-mass iron. CyanophytaMicrocystis spp. Abraham, David författare Molecular aspects of pheromone evolution in moths Doktorsavhandling övrigt vetenskapligt abstract Moths rely on the sense of smell olfaction as the main sensory input system in search for potential food sources and in selection of suitable females by males. Our aim was to investigate the capacity of alveolar macrophages AMs from patients with or without exposure to TB to control intracellular growth of virulent Mycobacterium tuberculosis Mtb. Simultaneously, the benthic habitat quality BHQ was assessed by analysing sediment redox conditions and faunal burrow structures in sediment profile images.

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In an extensive meta analysis addressing the direct effects of multiple mating on female fitness in insects, I found that insects gain from multiple matings in terms of increased lifetime offspring production. This study examines the effect of LDL, 7-oxysterols and iron compounds on NO production in unstimulated J macrophages. Two types of sibling groups were tested, a single sibling group, F1, consisting of four individuals that were reared together in hatchery tank 'a' F1a plus four additional siblings of the same family but raised in hatchery tank 'b' F1band a mixed sibling group, consisting of four F1a individuals plus four siblings from a second family, F2. The results show that effects of changed species richness on process rates may be dramatic. We evaluate the methods by analysing a model migratory movement with a realistic scatter in flight directions, for the ideal cases of full drift and complete compensation.

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