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Broadcast From Your Mobile Device. You can stay in touch with Lola at loladavina. Plus, they answer the 5 sex questions. Why are dudes who try to convince their girlfriends to have threesomes the worst? Miguel - Do You. So, this episode is all about what mindfulness is, how it affects our levels of libido and desire, why mindfulness might be a key to more pleasure, and how to balance mindfulness and fantasy. First up, Angela wrote in with a question about friendzones.

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You'll see why when you tune into our rich conversation. Kate wrote in wanting help getting her husband to unpack his fatphobia. Her formula for trust challenged many and offered new language and feelings of YES! And what does he need to do to set their pending marriage up for success? Talking Sex, Relationships, and Kink with Dawn Serra 3 juni star star star star star add I'm in China on vacation, so this week we are replaying a popular episode from the past.

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